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iirc the SMAV is what is more commonly known as a two-way (one input one output, either open or closed depending on where you attach hosing) and the MSV valves are what we normally call three-ways. off the top of my head I'm not absolutely sure, so make sure you figure that out! I'd strongly suggest getting in touch with have blue to have him explain their specs to you in plain english AND see if you can't get the specification sheets for those valves (I got these when I purchased a couple MSV-2 valves from him). I'll pm you his email.

Now, just for my curious sake, if no one elses, could you give some more details on your autonelson design/build/concept? More diagrams would also be cool I'd love to see how you're thinking of designing everything and especially if it can handle like 10-13bps under normal circumstances without parts getting worn down really fast resulting in the system breaking down, either at the powertube, coupling, pump arm, etc etc.

Thx mate!
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