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pulling this on a wiper? .. yeah, I can almost see doing it once to make a point.

back in the day when the ref approached the player he would either say "keep playing, you are not neutral, keep playing" while be gave you drive by paint check --- or ---- he would stand in front of the player to block incoming shots, declare out loud that "the player is neutral", have him stand and turn for a full body paint check, and any incoming shot while being neutral would be wiped by the ref.

imo: the refs at the OP's field sound like them need proper training to eliminate the possibility of the OP's stunt.

imo: if I were the ref in this situation, and I distracted the player, and the player was hit due to my interference in the game, I would wipe the hit and declare the player clean and tell him to continue playing - Then i would go do a proper paint check on the shooter.
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