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Question Do you fall down?... Or just avoid those areas.

I've been playing for years, and our field has some really steep hills, that you literally have to crawl up if you try to go up them. And when you go down, you often end up just sliding barely in control.

It is quite fun, but without proper boots, you could twist an ankle... or worse.

Anyway, when playing I often fall down. This strikes me funny, and I am usually laying there laughing, (unless I am being shot at, then I am madly crawling for cover!). I end up using my knee pads to crawl up steep hills or creek banks in just about every game.

But, I find a lot of guys like to stick to the trails and the easier terrain, as they don't want to risk falling down. And that really limits your game, if you stick with the regular paths, as those are usually guarded.

What do you think? Do you stay away from natural areas that will probably end with you staring at the tops of the trees? Or do you tighten up your boots, and go for it?

If you have watched my video's I always put my falling down in them... Course since you can't see me laying on my back, most viewers probably don't realize I am laying on the ground!

Here is a video I put up last week. In it I ate it bigtime, it had rained all day before this event, and I fell all the way down on my back!

mobile link

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