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Originally Posted by heinous View Post
yes, i would have paid extra to watch sean connery call daniel craig a little ****
Hah, indeed!

I thought it was a great film... it really was meant to be in the style of the older (original) films like Dr. No and Goldfinger, where you have action that is not so over the top or excessively unbelievable, a-la Golden Eye, Tomorrow Never Dies, or The World is Not Enough (CRAP!!!!).. even some of the earlier Bond Films pushed the limits. While the books certainly put bond into some crazy situations, once you get Hollywood involved things go nuts... that can be fun, but as Skyfall shows, you don't have to go crazy to make an excellent Bond film.

I think they need to make films from some of Raymond Bensons novels (not the film novelizations) "High Time to Kill" and the other two The Union novels would make for good film stories.

Anyways.. I give this film and a

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