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When scenario ball got big around 05/06 you started to see this type or gray area BS, while it's not cheating it's not an honorable way to play. The Ref he's out of bounds trick to get a guy to stop shooting when he's holding a tape line so they can move up trick. I've seen that done and had it done to me. Well I did not stop firing I was in and knew it and I knew the team that was trying to call me out of bounds. Also calling for a paint check on a player they know is in is an old trick. Dead man walks is cheating to me. Lets face it if a man where on a real battle field walking out in the open you'd shoot him. Dead men can't walk. So if you take advantage over someone not shooting you because of good sportsmanship you should get lit up! As far as armband tape in a scenario wearing the opposing teams color is cheating. But lets say one sides red and the other side is blue and you walk around with a black arm band thats a gray area that in a scenario is acceptable. Due to the fact that if the other guy is not wearing your color you shoot him! Unless there is a third faction on the field and that color is on your side at the given time during the game. I would rather be shot out rather than lower myself to a wiper. But I agree when you know you shot someone out 100 percent and they later get you I would tell a Ref and stay in if he agreed! Feyd..........
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