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for the original concept

got about halfway through the posts and couldnt bring myself to go further lol

The problem I see with the original concept is

it IS cool to ask for a paintcheck if you think you hit the guy - then if he makes the mistake of opening up that is his problem and per your field rules you can shoot at him

it IS NOT cool (in my opinion anyhow) to simply call the paintcheck for no reason other than to see if the player is innocent enough to open up for the ref so you can get an advantageous shot that you would not otherwise have had

now opinions are what they are - and here is the catch

Right and Wrong

it is also my opinion that the 2nd scenario is just plain wrong - and for my part I will NOT do it even if the other guy is cheating - if he is cheating and I think I hit him that falls under the FIRST scenario que sera - but just calling a random one to get an advantage - not kosher.

that having been said it is further my opinion that its not about how good, experienced, or great we each think others are - its simply about what is right and what is wrong - because adding more wrongs just hurts the sport.

/soapbox off
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