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To Freak? Or not to Freak?


I'm seeing loads of folk and several companies going the whole freak-bored route with their barrels. I wish to go with some version of the freak system, but am curious as to which is better: the traditional freak kit, or the freak-bored barrel. Or perhaps they are basically the same?

Some thoughts I've had in this process (feel free to comment):

With the larger Freak fronts it seems like efficiency might suffer a little, but a break might be less troublesome since subsequent balls have more space to move through and less likelihood of picking up goop from the front walls. Maybe.

On the other hand, a freak-bored traditional barrel should be more efficient, but with tighter main bore a break will likely be a nightmare, and basically impossible to shoot through.

Also, with AC threaded barrels (for instance), does the freak boring process remove so much material as to weaken the barrel? Or is there plenty enough meat to remove?

Also, the freak backs have nice little o-rings to hold everything centered and snug, whereas freak bored barrels rely on tolerance to keep things fitted. Any problems with slop, or does snugging the barrel essentially snug the back into the breach?

Those of you who have used both the traditional freak kits and also the freak bored variants, I'd love to get your perspective and input. So feel free to post up and educate me here, as this is fairly new territory to me.

Cheers, and my thanks as usual.
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