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sold $100 for t8 sold

$175 for t9.1

$15 for the t9.1 shroud
$20 for the t9.1 stock
$8 for each barrel tip
sold top barrel tip sold
$8 for each undermount rail
sold $5 for the side rail sold
$10 for t9.1 top rail

sold $20 for tib 9.1 qloader parts sold

$10 for each empty tib case

$5 for each molle pouch
sold 3 bottom pouches sold

$15 for each remote line

$15 for 50 reballs, regular or glow in the dark

$4 for each barrel cover

$25 for each kaner back

sold $20 for each ul tip both sold

$15 for each of the proto barrel
sold top proto barrel sold
$20 for the otp barrel

sold $30 for the one piece boomstick sold
$35 for the javelin barrel
$40 for the sm3 barrel with one insert

$25 for each freak tip
sold top tip sold

$12 for each older style kaner tip or back
sold top black kaner back sold
sold green kaner back soold
sold green kaner tip sold
sold bottom short tip sold

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