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Seems like more of a field issue than anything else really. If you distrust your refs that much to not catch the hits, it's probably time to try another field.

It's sketchy move but for some reason I can't really get worked up over it. There have been far, far worse things posted on MCB which have been met with far less disapproval, if not outright support. Groups tend to gang up on the defenseless I guess.

Emotional whining aside, I can also see it backfiring, because you call for a check, and while you're looking for a body part, the guy rolls out and shoots you because... you were already out looking for a body part. (And yes, I regularly snap out people who are already posted on me.) Or you were looking for a body part and someone else hits you from across the field because you were too focused on waiting for the body part. I mean, you literally just announced to the world where you are, and where you're looking.

Did that myself this weekend -- someone's head was up calling for a paintcheck on someone else, so I gogged him across the field.
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