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Ref manipulation is a part of playing tournament paintball (for some teams at least, definitely not all). Refs are trained to spot tactics like these, and the consequences definitely outweigh the gain if you are caught.

My real problem is if this is used in any sort of rec play. One, this is rec play. We're to have fun. The only prize on the line is a minuscule amount of pride. Why even bother to play dirty? If the guy can't play through a paint-check, you should be able to gun-battle him w/o resorting to dirty tricks.

However, the biggest issue I have is the one of safety. From my experience, the average walk-on commercial field has 1-20ish ref to player ratio. If that ref is erroneously being sent in to do paint checks, his/her eyes are no longer on the new players who, I swear, will find any excuse to rip their mask off while on the field. I reffed for two years. Depending on the group, this can be a huge concern.

Finally, on a side note, refs should be able to check a player w/minimal effect on their play. They especially should not be pushing players out of bunkers.
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