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Originally Posted by Spider! View Post
Are we too small for TxR?


Waco is not really south is it? North of Waco is where all the Yankees come from.
I haven't asked Trips about it but I got blown off last time I asked.

Waco isn't much further than Joe's place just a quick drive up Hwy 6 and Half the distance to DFW.

Originally Posted by Legolas View Post
petty's is good in my book (having very limited experience in TX). Has anyone asked Xtreme Paintball, in Manor, TX. If not, I'll inquire tomorrow.
Does Xtreme have the woodsball facility and bases to work with to host a game like this?? I haven't played out at Manor since it was Manor Paintball in the late 90's

I do like having it out at Petty's also but I wanted to throw out some possible choices. Joe's place is easy access for San Antonio, Houston, Austin and Waco with all being a resonable day trip for those cities.
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