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Good on ANS

I dropped by ANS this afternoon, needing a little paint. Seeing as how I was unhappy with the latest cases of Marbs, AllStars and PMI Premium I have picked up in the last year, I was looking to go with something new. When I walked in I was greeted by a very helpful sales person. I talked with him shortly about the recent experience with my trusted, go-to brands of paint. He threw out a few other high end options I may want to look at. This is where it gets good. He cracks some bags open and lets me look at some of the paint first hand and even goes as far as to cut some balls open right there on the counter, so I could check out the fill. By the way, the GI stuff might as well be filled with piss. I ended up with some nice Valken Redemption, now I can't wait until this weekend to let it fly! I just have to say, I have never had a pro shop open paint up just to let me take a look, so I was pretty damn impressed! Good on ANS.
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