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Originally Posted by Zanied View Post
This, if the refs are doing their job and know what they are doing a ref going to do a paint check is not going to give anyone a better shot. I feel like it would be more of the players fault than ref "manipulation". I have never once got a player shot while checking them. Also with the calling a player neutral I saw that a little when I first started playing but it never works, nowadays they don't even try to do that...the game stops for nothing(unless a mask comes off or some other crazy situation).
This is the way I see... As a ref, you don't need a bunker. The bunker is for the player to hide behind, not you. If you can't handle getting shot a few times while checking a player, you need to go find another way to make minimum wage. Even getting shot, working at a paintball field sure beats flipping burgers.

Originally Posted by Lohman446
The last year I played PSP Chicago was 2006. Maybe times have improved sense then but at that point, even on the big stage, refs were not stopping any type of ref manipulation.
Last major event I attended was HB 2010, but the reffing was mostly good there. I was just getting my feet wet with paintball back in '06, but I believe reffing quality has improved since then.

Playing locally, some of the tournaments are put on by D1/D2 PSP teams. Being tournament players themselves, they obviously are familiar with a lot of the tricks. They also know a lot of the local players/teams, and thus know who the bad apples are.

One of my buddies was on a team that had a drill that went like this:

1. You sit on a brick.
2. Everyone on your team times up across from you.
3. Everyone starts shooting at you. You have to one ball each and everyone one of them in a row down the line.
4. You are not allowed to flinch. If you flinch, you start over.

Kid never flinches getting hit. Dunno if he wipes (he's a good guy), but you will not see him give away to a ref that he's been shot by flinching.
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