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I was actually really surprised at the machining quality and some of the innovations when I took it apart. Sadly, it appears every seal they used from the factory was utter garbage, and that was probably the gun's downfall.

Decided to grab one of my own for experimentation for $30 off ebay.

Things I'm going to try:

-Milling/drilling the valve cartridge assembly in the spring area to make a "diffuser" to add more volume to the dump chamber and prevent liquid from getting to the valve

-Adapting a Zeus frame: might be tricky due to the different spacing but a true 1911 style frame would eliminate my biggest gripe so far. If that doesn't work out....

-Wood grips- I have some walnut panels laying around waiting to get shaped... Why not?

-Flat-faced delrin bolt and spring follower- smaller paint is probably not going to get along with the HUGE cups in the faces of the stock components.
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