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I dont really see it as folks just coming down on a youth for no reason

several of us have said our peace quite nicely and are hoping that the OP understands our points as well.

its like this

because what he did he got an advantage he felt it was all cool so he shared his cool trick with the locals

the locals explain that his trick was something frowned upon because its still wrong to abuse the paint check call when its being used for tying down a player and ref (and hoping the player sticks out naively) exploiting a feature in paintball is not the same as exploiting a feature in xbox /shrug (tho even in online gaming personally I frown still =P)

maturity means being able to take a moment to see what others are really trying to say - are we coming down on him a bit (the op) sure because many of us see his trick as wrong. Are we doing it to be mean - no we want him to see our point of view. pushing yourself to your limits and finding legit advantages is way cool - tricking folks and abusing the rules - not cool.

at least thats my 2c

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