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Wait, what?
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Originally Posted by Donut SD View Post
Doesn't that make Mattee a gun pimp?
I'll take it. I've generally been on an upward swing lately in terms of making money from PB sales so why not?

Originally Posted by ScreamingCricket View Post
Yep, you crazy. If I had that ducklebuster or that Walz, they'd never go up for sale.
Hey now, for the low low price of (several hundred) dollars you can test this theory. Though, I remember you not being much of a fan of the DBuster the one game you used it; guns that don't get play time for me are doorstops and need to move. It's the exact reason I don't have a pegboard.

I expect that one to go for part cash, part marker since no one has money lately it seems. Compiling the list of what I'm looking for now, actually, and I've been spending a lot of time in the AGD threads...

Originally Posted by adev View Post
I'm learning to walk again today, so now my time frame to finish up my project is counting down (well probably at least another few months).
OH SNAP. Don's got competition! Glad to hear you're healing. We'll have to have a MatteeDay in your honor when you return to us.
Originally Posted by Hooligan
I found a way to make a sabot for a twinkie. The other tanks smell like banana cream filling now.

FS: Ultimate Kingman Hammer ($120), optional Freak Kit

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