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Originally Posted by Jhaumrith View Post
Hi everyone i just learned yesterday about the dvr.
I was just interested in knowing if there were ever a revolver paintball gun and the only thing that came up was some old models that weren't in production any more. Then i came across the dvr and was just blown away.
I was looking to get a Tiberius 8.1 because i like the idea of pistols and First strike. But a first strike compatible custom revolver.....i'm sold.
I'm really impressed and interested in it. i just want to know
-Are there any left?
-If not, how long till the next production line comes out.

I'm also new to the website, this place is nice.
Yes i still have a couple. i doubt there will be another production run. i think i pretty much tapped out the market.

Yes MCB is a good place
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