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Mag feed mismanagment???

I was at a rap4 event(end war 3) at our local field.I did not attend because I was going to have to rent a mag feed marker.To my surprise players were there with spring feeds and gravity feeds on egos and tac caps on a5's and such.all the advertising said mag feed only.I knew of at least 40 local players who could have played with a feeder system on their marker(Tube or tac cap)not to mention how many more would have attended.Is this a rap4 dirty little secret ploy to get you to think you have to rent their crap?I asked around even told them more would have attended if you let players know this.It was interesting with the limited paint and how the game flowed.I am sure that by advertising the event with spring feeds and tac caps it would have gotten mag fed, limited paint out to more players.
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