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Rest Of My Gear .. Needs To Go ASAP!

Here is the rest of my gear .... Its priced to sell Fast ....
Looking for Cash Only ... NO Trades... I am Quitting PB altogether ....
I accept Paypal Only ... And i Will Ship Monday and Friday....
Thanks for Looking ,,,

First up , Sly profit Mask.. used 1 time in a game, No Hits on the mask Whatsoever ... Asking 55 Shipped

Next Is Jt Speed Pod Adapter and 7 Speed Pods ... This Worked Epically When i USed it .. Pods are All brand Spanking New.... Asking 50 Shipped

Valkyn Pack Can hold up to 9 Pods ... 35 Shipped

Rap4 tactical PB Vest .... Holds 4 Pods, And a tank On the Top back .... Asking 55 Shipped

Once Cash Only , Through Paypal .. Thanks For looking
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