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If I were in your shoes with your mentioned bias I would pick up the Etha and have a bit of money left over for paint or a barrel etc., but as has been mentioned it is largely a personal preference thing. Try to test or at least hold them all before you make a decision. From the markers/Brands you've mentioned: I've used the Etha for a bit, owned a DP G4 for a bit and currently own a Reflex Rail and Axe. You say you hate the Axe, but in my opinion it it is the only one I'd spend a bit more on due to ease of use and performance. I like the Reflex and it is most definitely a nice marker, but even though it comes with all the bells and whistles I just don't think the cost is justified and really hate the eye pipe system. Just one more consumable that will eventually need to be replaced.

I don't like poppits & don't really have much experience with them so won't comment on them.
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