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Alright people, we are at the final 24 hours of this campaign! We currently stand at 4.75 MILLION dollars pledged, with 5+ million in our sights. If anyone wants to pledge, but hasn't done so yet, you can use a friend's referral link (here's mine) to get an extra 250 credits and a chance to win some swag. If you pledged on the kickstarter page, you can still enter to win. you'll be sent a survey at the end of the funding period asking if anyone recruited you (my rsi name is the same.. Cyco-Dude ). If you've already pledged on the rsi website and you want 250 more credits and a change to win some swag, click on the "your account" link at the top and enter my (or a friends, whatever) e-mail or user name into the referrer box. It's the last day to win some cool stuff; get it while you can.

Additionally, there are a number of limited-time add-ons as well as some other goodies, so check them out! I'm linking to the kickstarter post to take some load off of the RSI website. It's getting hammered right now, so please be patient!

You'll still be able to pledge after this initial crowd-funding is over. If you pledge now though, you'll be able to upgrade your pledge at a later date in case you really want something but don't have all the cash now. There will be a live-stream marathon going until the campaign is over; I'll update with the relevant links when everything goes live!

ok, they're getting the streams set up now on ustream.
chris' stream
ben's stream
office stream
site that has all streams in one window
twitch tv re-stream with multiple stream and chat windows!

we've broken the 5 Million dollar milestone. unreal!

we've broken the 5.5 million dollar milestone at 6:25am et, and unlocked playable carriers, among other things. incredible. here are a couple of new videos:
early ai tests. ai ships attacking and defending a bengal carrier.
cool video showing early spaceport footage.

broke 6 million; every stretch goal is hit. there's still 75 minutes left to pledge too!
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