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Originally Posted by D G View Post
I don't get what the big deal is about an event being mag-fed only. Is is just mil-sim guys getting upset over guys running around in jerseys using pumps or is it something else? I see how an electro with eyes and a 50rd grav feed clearly outmatches a 20-rd mag-fed gun. However, stick feeds should be fine, 30rd tac-caps too . They don't offer offer any distinct advantage and keep true to the limited capacity format. I don't know, I love limited capacity play. It's so much fun being able to really move around and think about reloading and shooting and stuff. It's like playing with automatic pumps, lol. Is there a big crowd that demands that every paintball gun look and and function like a real gun, even if only holds 20 or so rounds? Is it that big of a deal?


they're allowing stick feeds and 30rd tac-caps, so my team is hoping to make that game. just have to stock up on 10rd tubes and pouches to carry them in.

I don't think the OP is angry because it was a limited paint game... I think the OP is angry because it was advertised Mag-fed ONLY. I'd be pretty ticked too if I left my KP at home and rented a Rap-4 only to see other players running around with whatever they want at the event. The OP has every right to be angry as the people who set up the event blatantly lied about the Mag-fed only part. I'd be pissed off too.
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