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CCM offers a more than one barrel, barrel system.

They offer a barrel that does not accept their barrel back sizers, that is the one to get if you want to go with the TechT IFIT system. While it works to keep the paintballs from rolling out, the control bore is very short so it works more like a barrel sizer and less like an underbore barrel. That is to say it does not increase efficacy that much.

They also offer a barrel that does use their barrel backs (which are now a bit longer), these may a good choice if you are getting some fancy anno job, because your barrel will mach the marker and the sizer can be your accent color. That said, the Deadlywind is much lighter and the control bore on the Freak inserts is still 40% longer.

Call Mel at CCM, she can explain the options in more detail.

Good luck!

Myself, my T2 is dust black and I use a 10" or 12 Deadlywind Fibur. It looks and works great!
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