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Originally Posted by crazyorigin View Post
I dont support mass killing of animals but in certain areas Coyotes are massively overpopulated and are becoming problematic. I have heard of people who live in much more rural areas than i do having their pets snatched right off their porches, i dont know of any instances but if they are that brave thry could easily snatch someones child in the same manor. Most places, its open season all year round on Coyotes. I dont go and hunt them but i am prepared to defend whats mine if they start to become problematic near me. I hear them all the time but rarely ever see them, and i am a fairly "outdoorsy" type of guy. They are very smart, and tricky to hunt.
I agree 100%. Killing just to kill is one thing, but when they're over populated to the point it's affecting civilization it's time to load the guns.
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