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custom anodized macdev droid (lime/black)

Just got this in a trade. I played with this marker Saturday and it shot really well. It has some smaller scratches, nothing through the anodizing and you can't really see them unless you're hunting for them.

Droid has all the needed ups-
Gold Bolt
Tadao OLED board, no backlight, new screens can be had.
VP trigger
matching Dye UL

only pictures I have at the moment-

pic from the original owner-

I'll get better pictures eventually, The back cap has some scratches and a tiny nic where the backcap screws on, the feedneck also has a small nic, and the body has very little marks, but there are a few hardly visible ones. New pics soon!

$450 shipped. It shoots good and looks great!

Trades welcome.

Priority--> Nice shockers w/ $$$ unless PL with ups, CCM pumps, cyborg RX or 07 cyborg w/ $$$, ego7 w/ $$$, 241, with my vice for your ___, markers with $$$... anything really, I'm not too picky.
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