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Laser engraved BL vice

Just got this in a trade aswell, used it Saturday and it shoots great for a poppet. I'm more of a spool valve person, but this marker is actually pretty quiet, so I like it.

Marker is lasered with the Bob Long logo all over the body. It has some pretty looking tool marks around the trigger pin from the previous owner(s)... I'm not really sure how they managed to do that quite honestly. someone had a hard time changing triggers by the looks of it.

Besides the tool marks around the trigger pin the marker looks fantastic, has some breech wear and some marks where the feedneck lever is, but those are expected over time.

Grips are stinger panel grips with obey stickers over them... I was kinda let down by that, I thought they were actually obey stinger grips, but they still look and feel nice imo.

Bob Long board
Stock Trigger! (NOT VP trigger!)
2c eyes
cp asa
JT 2 piece barrel (not pictured, yet)

- $350 shipped, shoots great! Open to offers.
- 241 with my droid for something very nice. Luxe takes priority.
- shockers w/ cash... unless it's a PL shocker with Ups.
- any trade offer will be looked at, trades with cash are nice! Bring anything!

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