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Originally Posted by CCM Photographer View Post
Well, after much loot farming and procrastinating I finally beat my first playthrough. Kind of glad I gave up on the loot farming because all of my nice lvl 37 blues and purples are now outclassed by lvl 38 and lvl 39 commons.

Any tips for the second playthrough with Zero? I'm only in the first area and I'm already stuck. I'm dropping in one or two hits and all these shiny guns don't really seem to do a whole lot now.
and for you sir if you have xbox or ps3 either way get into someone elses game thats a level 50 on TVHM and have them do the you are coordinally invited mission from tiny tina and dont copmlete is make sure fleshstick is level 50 or 51 or 52 and have thelevel 50 guy kill him time after time you just stand at tiny tina and have him kill FS time after time you should receive about 6000xp every kill you should level up in no time but thats the cheater way if you want to beat the game on TVHM legitimatly i would have at least 1 other person join your game and help like a mechromancer or siren for 1 extra player or fast healing! hope this helps!
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