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1998 RF WGP Sniper II w/ 13ci

This is a "restored" Worr Games Products warhorse that has truly Been There & Done That; it's a 98 RF body that spent many years as a "sleeper" Autococker (no non-factory holes in it), but now, it's configured as pictured.

The barrel is a 14" CP one-piece matte black .685 bore that looks like it's anno-matched to the gun. It has an old no-name gas-through adjustable t-stock screwed into a Shocktech on-off dovetail ASA on a Shocktech mini drop...none of the air connections are in use, because the gun runs off a 13ci Ninja tank in the vertical ASA, just the way my first Sniper II did.

The valve and bolt are custom-made by Doc Nickel for high efficiency at 800psi, so no secondary regulator is necessary. Doc also cut a new hammer lug and set up the trigger to be short and snappy. The trigger feels great, it's efficient, and it barks when you shoot.

The hopper is a 50-round APP with a tough old VLBow. I don't remember where the pump setup came from, but it's basically the same as original Sniper IIs used and does the job. The grip frame has Hogue wraparounds on it. Serial number on the body is 51429. I don't have a beavertail mounted but will toss it one where I play these days even knows you can thumb a rod, let alone what happens when you do, so it's not like anyone would know what the beavertail is for in the first place.

This package is inclusive of all items mentioned and will not be parted out. It's only seen a couple of days of play since it was worked over by Doc and the tank, barrel, and hopper were bought new for it at that time. The t-stock has some scuffs and the body has slight wear, but it's never been abused or thrown, etc. I'm selling it because I don't play often and I've got other hobbies now that I want to invest in.

Price: $200+shipping
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