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Originally Posted by chrislognshot View Post
how are you playing zero. are you sniper class melee class or short range weapon class. as for sniper class you want to to get sniper skill all way down first the work on last part tree. you do not have to fill whole sniper skill up. since all you want is last skill from that tree. then you work on your bloodshed next then go back to sniper skill. also your going to have to find good sniper rifle with high damage. you also going to want good rifle with highly effective vs armor too. i carry none elemental rifle, highly effective vs armor and highly effective vs flesh guns since that best 3 types you need. once you hit lv 50 only need carry none elemental rifle and highly effective vs armor. since your head shots will done tons damage. as for highly effective vs armor better then vs flesh or other guns since damage same but they take green damage any way. also frees up backpack space.

My Zero is setup for sniping. I have the whole Sniping tree unlocked except for the Accuracy box, which imo, is pointless. I'll usually carry three snipers ( non-element, corrosive, fire) and a shotgun ( corrosive ). The shotgun is for armored psychos and mechs while the snipers are for everything else.

Most of my damage comes from critical hits, mostly 40,000 to 50,000 damage a shot, but even then it still takes two or three head shots to down a bandit or bullymong. I know Zero isn't supposed to be "tanky" but I find it hard to imagine that a bandit or bullymong can down him in one hit, through 5,000 shields and 10,000 health. There's times where I can't avoid being hit.

I guess the first thing to do is find better gear, considering that all of my stuff was found towards the end of the first playthrough, but Glacier and Sanctuary isn't really known for good farms.
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