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Back to Basics League? (Blow-back only)

So... here is what happened. I was talkin' to a friend and I mentioned that there is (was?) a Pump Class and Stock Class. And even he thought it was kinda weird that there was really nothing in between pump and full blown freak-on top end play...

We discussed limited play and all that over coffee and pizza, and after he returned to his place, I had an odd thought.

For now, I'll just call it "BLOW-BACK" class. Equipment rules are really simple.

Marker: Mechanical Blow-Back only, one ball per trigger pull - no RT, no Batteries
Hopper: Non-agitating, gravity feed only, no batteries
Air Source: HPA or CO2 - no size restrictions
Optional: limited paint (hopper-ball).

It's just an odd thought, but in a twisted way, it makes sense. There are a bazillion old mech-blowbacks out there just gathering dust - and this class would be an excuse to put them to work. Also, it's not a tech-race; the guns and hoppers are basic and inexpensive (which may help bring new players to tourneys) and easy to maintain. The lack of agitator hoppers and the inherent limitations of the blow-back design will limit the rate-of-fire in a very simple and easily-enforced manner.

Both top-end guns and many Stock/Pump guns are actually pretty expensive, but a basic Mech-Blowback can still be had (even new) pretty cheap - less than even a new Trracer. This may serve as a way to allow a few people to try out the whole tourney thing in a less-expensive and less-intimidating event.

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