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Originally Posted by GMAN1 View Post
If no one answers on here i can ask Justin. I'll be getting in contract with him anyway this week for an order I'll be placing.
That would be awesome, an actual list of the parts would be super helpful.

Originally Posted by Nightstar View Post
I can't tell you anything about the dealer kit, but my Player's service kit contains: Allen keys, a ball bearing, O-rings, screws, sights, springs. It looks like I could perform a complete rebuild and replace some non-wear parts to boot. I haven't had to draw on it yet, just picked it up as insurance after I bought your old 8.1
My old T8.1? I don't even remember selling you one but I don't doubt that I did, I've been through a ridiculous amount of pistols in the last year or two. Most of them tiberius.

Originally Posted by 4G010H3R0 View Post
I Have a dealers kit but my case doesnt look like that at all.

I have a dealers kit(well its a dealers kit with a players kit and other stuff ive collected over time). Comes with come with everything the players kit and also has(its been a bit so bear with me) extra sights, spare trigger, bolt/spring, a few reg internals, Ball detents, trigger/sear assembly(almost enough to rebuild it completely). I think it came with stuff to rebuild like 3 or 4 Old T8 mags(o-rings etc) maybe a few other pieces.
Im not a dealer for them by any means so im just grabbing this from memory.

Its been a while since I had just the dealers kit.
My kit could almost build a T8 from scratch now.. in fact I pretty much did some time ago(besides the grip/body)
Could you throw up a picture of what your dealers kit does look like?

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