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has any one turn Goliath into lv 5 Fatal GOD-liath. so far i gotten him to lv 4 god-liath by mistake. was low on health and had to run away to get shields up and get more health since i let him lose in Sawtooth Cauldron in middle of first big area you come to before you go in to cave. i will give clue he not easy to kill. also if you kill him on lv 4 level he drops purple and other good rare items. from what i saw if you get lv 5 Goliath he might drop orange item.

Lv.0 - Raging Goliath
Lv.1 - Badass Goliath
Lv.2 - Super Badass Goliath
Lv.3 - Ultimate Badass Goliath
Lv.4 - GOD-liath
Lv.5 - Fatal GOD-liath

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