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Originally Posted by TheYoda View Post
Nothing along the lines of being famous, but memorable (for me) ...

-When I was 6 (or 7) I made the Boston Globe. Pic of me shaking hands with Santa Claus.

-My Dad had ins in the music world when I was a kid (all jazz) and he would bring me to tons of local concerts where I got to meet and hang out with musicians. Don't remember all of them, but I met Count Basie and Duke Ellington, which is way before your time for most of you.

-When I was in college (1982?) I was the "Slave to Fashion" model for an Eastpak backpack print campaign.

-Hung out backstage with The Cult when they played Boston in the early 90's.

-I designed basketball sneakers for elite NBA players in the 90's - Larry Bird (BOS), Magic Johnson (LAL), Kevin Johnson (PHX), Larry Johnson/Grandmama (CHA), etc.

The Kevin Johnson "Run and Slam" and the Larry Johnson "Aero Jam" were some of my favorite shoes growing up as a kid! Quick question, what exactly was "react juice?"
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