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Originally Posted by y0da900 View Post
The SMAV-3 is a 3-way that can be plumbed normally open or normally closed. An MSV or MSV-2 is a 3-way that can only be plumbed normally closed - but is also not cylindrical and is quite a bit larger than an SMAV-3.

You can use a cocker ram with a 3-way, just hook a constant air supply to the side with that the rod comes out of and cycle the air only on the back side. No need to find a spring return ram. Just uses the different surface areas on each side of the piston to control the movement. You will have a lower force extending the ram than if you were using a 4-way, but the retract force would be the same as normal.
Oh, that's really smart actually. Just need to find the right ram then, all cocker rams have a 1/8 shaft and most have 3/8 bore right? (I'm not sure, I know some aftermarket rams have bigger bore size).


A piston: 0.11 square inches

A shaft: 0.049 square inches

F(forward stroke)@100 psi: (0.049)*100= 4,9 pounds
F(return stroke)@100 psi: (0.11-0.049)*100= 6.1 pounds

Is this enough to recock a nelson valve? My guess is it would work depending on springing.

Thanks for giving me ideas!
Originally Posted by ksciupider View Post
how about you put it in the grip?
I have though of that, but I think it would look weird with all the tubing and I already planned to have the LPR in the grip. Thanks for input
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