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Originally Posted by GMAN1 View Post
According to David of Carmatech there is an advantage to the 20 inch barrel. One test they did at 225 ft was with the 14 in hitting center target. They swapped barrels to the 20 in, keeping the gun in the exact same spot and the rounds were going above the target. I know a lot of ppl say there's no difference but there seems to be with this one. At the fulda gap game (as posted on the sar12 fb page) they confirmed a 375 ft hit.

thats a terrible way to do a test.
barrel could be cocked causing it to aim higher or lower depending on which barrel youd be refering to....

each barrel would need rezeroed and chronoed.

this is a new relm for paintball where the slitest difference makes a big difference and new thought processes similiar to firearms need to be brought into play.
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