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Originally Posted by ApoC_101 View Post
why the hell not stock mech cockers??
Define "Stock Mech" autococker - and explain to me how this is a better option than simple, inexpensive blow-backs. I can't say as I have ever seen a stock autococker - they're all tinkered with somehow.

Originally Posted by Pif View Post
Why blowback? What's wrong with automags?
Pneumag with q-oader. Other than that, I love Mags. Also, even in the days before agitator hoppers, 'Mags and 'Cockers had advantages over blow-backs. The blowback is a simple, inexpensive, common platform with known limitations if BPS, accuracy, efficiency, and reliability - this puts all the players on a fairly even starting point (as far as equipment).

Originally Posted by idkfa View Post
The problem with this type of format is that it will always come down to the 'spirit' of the game. A strict rule set ends up being entirely too ambiguous and hard to enforce.
I am not seeing how this is hard to enforce...

Is the gun blow-back operated? If not, it's out.

Does the gun have a battery in it? If so, it's out.

Does the hopper have a battery in it? If so, it's out.

Does the hopper feed against gravity? If so, it's out.

Originally Posted by The Inflicted View Post
So are cyclone-fed Tippmanns in or out?
I was hoping no one would ask that I would say "OUT" to the cyclone. I love it. It's pretty darn cool but is a step away from the level playing field.

Again - enjoying the exchange.
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