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Originally Posted by toymachine View Post
y0da900's suggestion, especially with his experience with the mech and closed bolt ion, is gold here. Great idea!

I think you meant 4,9 and 6,1 (or for us other folks 4.9 & 6.1), not to be a dick, but you know...

Would it be enough force to cock a nelson? You're absolutely right it has a lot to do with the spring (and friction of course). I'm wouldn't bet it's enough for reliable fully functional operation though. But that is just a guess... (always take more forced than I anticipate to cock a new nelson I find, although this is not true for carter guns I've toyed with)

Of course I still vote cups (and you have the right idea regarding their instal), but y0da's idea works either way if you go the cocker whatever-way route. The cups just seem better as you'd be able to easily integrate them into the design, and of course they work the same as any other cocker whatever-way.
Haha, it's supposed to be 4,9 and 6,1, but I tried to calculate it with inches and pounds because this is mostly an US forum We use , instead of . as you said, and meters and Pascal. F=P*a is Pressure=Pascal*square meters.

Sorry for the confusion, I hope you can understand anyways

I'm still not sure what to use. If the force from y0da's suggestion is enough, I may go with that because it's so simple. But if it's not, I'll go with either cups or double SMAV-3. I'll have to do some research, but I think that it's better to have to much force than to little

I want to thank everyone who has helped me int this thread, especially toymachine who has helped me via pm's also
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