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The 2006 and 2008 Egos lost the most initial value, but I feel that was due to the fact that they started on the secondary market higher than the other years. It could be due to new technology in the guns, or just looking forward to a new year.

2006 was anticipated after the initial release of the 2005 gun. And the 2008 release had a large technological jump.

Either way, between 2 and 3 years later, the gun's value was cut in half.

I got on this kick when I was looking to sell my near mint 2007 Ego. When I noticed it wouldn't sell for what I thought it was worth, I started looking into all of them.

Please feel free to check up on my pricing. They are averages of what I found on the internet. These are stock prices. It got a bit more difficult as guns got older as they were sold as package deals (tanks and hoppers included) or was some "rare" (not really but whatever floats a kid's boat) version of the gun (aka: 1 of 25).

Enjoy the graph, and go pick up some old Egos. They're going dirt cheap.

can you add car values over time to the chart? make them all fit by having the vertical axis in % of original value for both guns and cars? maybe an economobile, a sports car, and a luxury car.

then add an x-mag just because.
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