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Ah I thought you were still trying to upgrade an 8.1 not get a 9.1. And Im pretty sure 8.1 barrels are the same as 9.1's. Every place Ive looked has them listed as 8.1/9.1.

As far as remote vs 12 grams vs in stock, I prefer remote>in stock>12 grams. Remote especially for longer games or if playing a round and switching sides to play again causes me to shoot more than a 13 ci lets me. But it is nice with 12g or 13ci to not have that line attached.

So what exactly or where exactly are you in what you're trying to do? Sounded like ya started out turning the 8.1 to a 9.1 now almost sounds like you're gonna get a 9.1? I could just be slow and lost here though.
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