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if i run FS rounds in the mags and .684 paint in the hopper and there is only a 10-15FPS difference. its a done deal i will buy it and wont look back. ill mostly be using the hopper but at big events ill use FS rounds if they are available.

i just want the added functionality to go paintballs in the mags for magfed games only. im looking for that magic marker that will do it all and this is the closest ive seen.

Dont get me wrong i love my DM12 and after speaking with a Dye tech last weekend at an event i was just at, he said hopper fed it shoots just like a DM. and if thats truely the case im sold on it and will probably sell my DM and use the DAM for everything recball, events, magfed events etc etc.

ill be running it without the rear stock and tank direct on back for pretty much everything i think it looks bad *** without the buttstock..
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