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Started playing Sometime around 2006-2007 and picked up a Spyder MR-1 from Walmart so I would have a new marker to play some outlaw ball with. Took it back that night, after playing with it for the day, and went online to do a little looking around. I settled on a Tippmann A-5 and bought one off evil-bay. Played with that for a couple years (outlaw with family), then an org I work with started using paintball as a ministry tool for teens. That led to a lot more playing time, meeting more people, and the need to increase my ability to fix various markers. Ended up we made our own paintball field, and one of the guys who helps us a lot (Ochsy here on MCB) introduced me to Automags. That same winter I picked up a Tac One longbow here in the BST (my wife let me get it as a Christmas present to myself) and I sold my Tippmann. It's been non-stop since. Everything about that Tac One longbow is gone now except the X-valve, as it's been morphed into a warp-left E-Tac. I've also built two custom Minimags for my dad and father-in-law, a pump mag for myself, and am working on an ultralight pneumag for my 3-year-old son (He loves shooting paintballs in the yard). It never stops.

Little known fact: sQuid's Infection Emag is actually an art piece symbolizing the G.A.S. (gear-acquisition-sickness) that overcomes enlightened paintball players when they discover the smoothness and consistency of Automags.
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