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I gotcha

While I think you're right about too much force being better than too little, it won't be of much value if you don't have a way to control it (ie, restriction valve? decrease regulated input pressure?). I say that given the problems with auto-nelson kits destroying the nelson valve system.

Lol I'd love to see you end up with two lprs, one for each of the rams input (if you need to keep on ram input constant and one adjustable, you wouldn't really need two lprs, but you get the idea - although you're need pressure X for nelson valve's input, pressure y for one of ram's input to stay constant and pressure z for the other input to remain adjustable to control force of the recock - pressure x=800psi or so, y=50psi for example and z=50-100psi)...

Okay I've confused myself (just ignore this crap)
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