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Why so much love for old markers?

I couldn't fit an appropriate title in the title box for this thread, but here you go. Basically, I am amazed at times, the love for older markers here at MCB. Look, there is nothing wrong with it in my opinion, but, I am constantly amazed that older markers that perform on a mediocre level by todays standards are still so sought after and some still demand such a high price. Maybe I should put on my fire suit, but Really... I understand the nostalgia involved, believe me. I have been there, but I have also moved on. Maybe you still don't understand what I mean. I am referring to markers intended to play with (I understand some are looking for nostalgic wall hangers). Example 1: Line SI Bushmasters, great markers in there day, I mean really great, but IMHO A Phantom will clean house on one today and yet they still seem to draw a similar price point. Example 2 Tippmann SMG 68's. Really, by the time they were released, they were out dated. Mag fed was so limited compared to the other semi auto's available, or just being released. Even today these beasts can draw $700-800 dollars. I bought one brand new when they were released and it was horrible, even when I changed the sear to make it full auto, it was still a horrible marker. Very inaccurate and a pain to deal with all those stripper clips at the same time, yet they still pull a high price point. Ex 3 would be a factory KP, but I have noticed the love for those dying off some in the last few years, so it's probably a mute point. Let's move on to the PGP. they still seem to be able to pull retail price, but I can't imagine a factory PGP even being feasible with todays small bore paint. Don't even get me started on Cockers, while still great markers today, they are way over complicated and mechanically barbaric as well as weighty compared to some of the offerings today, yet they have a strong following so what's up guys, am I crazy, or is the world?
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