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nostalgia is one reason . . . besides, to use one of your examples, anyone can order themselves up a new phantom but guess what? Line SI hasn't existed in some time and regardless of actual performance that makes those Bushmasters - which in their day were top flight - desirable to some people. Its like cars . . . sure, you can get yourself a brand new mustang and have a nice pony car . . . or you can get an old Plymouth Duster. With the Duster you have the negatives of the tech being maybe or greatly outdated, parts scarcity, etc. - but you also have the cachet of a now uncommon vehicle from a defunct brand, carrying with it an interesting history and a perspective on times past and the progress of the hobby

just my $0.02 . . . as for me, I play with a lot of old paintguns because, well, I bought them new and just hung onto them. heh, the last time I played I spent most of the day using a old Carter Comp (yep, rollouts were not uncommon for me) and a VM68, and I had a fantastic time. Would a modern new gee whiz has all the bangles and bobbles CCM pump and some manner of modern semi been better? some might argue that - but in regards to my enjoyment level I really had a ton of fun with my old paintguns

*edited* I was thinking of my old Dart while wanting to cite the Duster, because of how it fit the comparison I was trying to make - and in my haste jumbled my brands slightly. DOH
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OMG boobs, beers and Chad Thompson. Nothing could be better.

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