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Unibody Phantom and Phantom Accessories

Hey guys, I have the following parts kicking around, as well as a complete unibody. I'm in college and could use the money. All prices are semi-negotiable, but take my word for it, I prefer not to be nickel and dimed on stupid things.
THE POLISHING IS NOT PERFECT, you may still want to sand and polish more, I stopped because I was happy with it where it was.

Complete Blue Unibody Phantom w/ Polished Back - $100 + shipping
- Comes, as shown, with all original parts (as far as i can tell), original internals, M16 bottomline, and whats left of a CCI parts kit (the parts not in the kit are installed in the gun.)

Polished Phantom Barrel and Gloss Black RF Body - add to the unibody for $20
- Black body has a small nick where the barrel threads on, doesn't effect anything.

Other Parts:

Red 2.5 pump handle - add to unibody for $15 or $20 + shipping
- Last one sent out from CCI!

Red and Black Acid Wash 45* Grip - add to unibody for $20 or $25 + shipping
- light wear near Asa holes but are covered up when using an Asa or stock

5" Sight Rail - $5 + shipping
- missing 1 screw, cheap part to replace

Apex 1 Tip - $15 + shipping
- Normal wear

Ninja 47/3000 Steely Tank - $30 + shipping
- Born 05/11, only wear is the letters on the bottle's face are rubbing off.

Again, prices are semi firm
Open to trades

Thanks for looking!
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Feedback Please!

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