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What did I do now !? Phantom Help

So I just got my phantom and love it, works great so I decided to take it apart first time today and polish the internal bolts with mothers polish to make them shine and oil them. Now I think I made the mistake and oiled the wrong things or somthing else . I put the gun together and is sure its all right , except now when I rock the gun or move it , it sounds like an interal is moving around like sliding. when I half cock the pump or full cock and hold it back it stops and everything seems solid again. but if I hold it and move somthing is sliding inside and is really annoying. Would the oil/polish affect the hammer * (I guess thats what it would be called with the hook) get oil on it and now moves? I aired the gun and it now shoots smoother with no leaks and looks good.

Sorry about my noobness right now and not knowing proper internal names, been a while since working on the markers again and never owned a phantom !

Thanks guys
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