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Faz mags

Originally Posted by dundadun View Post
Nice, can you run/jump test one upside down on your chest?
Should be in before Thanksgiving, assuming 2 day shipping is really 2 days shipping, though it often doesn't include the day you ship, so maybe not til after Thanksgiving. I'll see how they work upside down, as I'm wanting to run one upside down on my BT Static vest front panels.

I've read about them working upside down, but would like to see it live before I slam a Tib mag into our hard rocky ground. I had 2 reloads go sour as I reloaded and dropped them into the used multicam pouches that fit a little snug. When I pulled out the mags...empty. But each pouch had 8 little all stars looking out at me.

I don't like having the mags so exposed (paint magnets), but it's better than losing a reload when you really need it. I may just keep 2 of the 4 pouches on and use them for 10 rnd tubes.
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