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I want one of these. Waiting for Punsihers PB to stock one. Was not going to buy but then I figured it was not much more than the Dye pack I wanted anyways.... I see ANS is preordering them for $130 but only had the black - I prefer the olive green combo. I really want to be impressed by this and may make whatever "adjustments" need to be made to really like it.

Do I expect this to be flawless out of the box? No. But I bought and used a lot of SFT Shockers in the day and the ones that worked flawlessly out of the box were the exception. They were a lot more than $150. In fact, thinking about all the new markers I have bought, most have required some adjustments and break in.

I want a simple cram and jam feed though on it . I might have to have someone make one
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