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I am assuming it was not sarcastic (could be wrong, cannot detect). It already has the ability to go to hopper fed (at least that is how I read it). Giving me another adaptor to go to cram and jam would cost very little. I don't know about the spring feed. What might it do - push the cost clear up to $200 (and probably not)? I understand what you are saying but we are talking about a pump marker - not exactly pushing the boundaries of effectiveness. If it were first strike only (or mag fed only) and I was asking for all these "extras" I would see your point but its not mag fed only in its current form.
I just don't think a cram and jam adapter is something that most of the buyers are going to use, so it makes sense to sell it separately instead, same goes for the spring feed. all it would do is increase the cost of the base product, the added value of those additions included doesn't make up for it.

Keebler, I don't think he took any offence... it's just a criticism he wanted to understand more clearly.

edit: Keebler, everyone knows that when your relationship is in turmoil and you need an outlet on MCB, you post in members only as anonymous with a big rant and everyone tells you that you're doing everything wrong
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