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Originally Posted by Keebler View Post
Because then maybe people wouldn't get all offended when people say something in jest. And than maybe keebler wouldn't get banned during a time when his relationship is in turmoil. And now he has now where to go to have an outlet. And than maybe keebler might not want to climb a clock tower with a rifle. And than maybe he wouldn't decide that he doesn't know where to find a clock tower so he goes to the clock tower from back to the future. And get a delorean as his getaway car. And extension cord zip lines his way down to it. And drives away real fast and leaves flaming tire tracks behind. And crashes into that wall at the end of the street and dies. I'm too pretty to go to jail the fuzz ain't taken me alive not no way not no how.
Clearly the quote that nees to go on the back of the Hammer 7 box.

Originally Posted by ApoC_101 View Post
I just don't think a cram and jam adapter is something that most of the buyers are going to use, so it makes sense to sell it separately instead, same goes for the spring feed. all it would do is increase the cost of the base product, the added value of those additions included doesn't make up for it.
Pretty sure EVERYTHING being discussed are intended to be aftermarket accessories....
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